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As a Litigation associate, M. Rina Kim focuses on various securities and commercial litigation issues surrounding financial statements, disclosures, materiality analysis and internal and governmental investigations. Rina gained valuable auditing and forensic accounting training and experience in her previous work as a manager at KPMG Forensic Services.

By leveraging her insight into financial statements, books and records intricacies and accounting standards, Rina helps clients analyze and present complex financial contentions into successful settlements and resolutions. Based on her considerable experience as a professional consultant, she also assists in overseeing various project operations and document productions to ensure reliable and superior delivery.

Rina is a certified public accountant in Virginia and Washington, D.C., a certified fraud examiner and certified management accountant, and a candidate in the chartered financial analyst program. Her previous experience includes financial statement audits for commercial and not-for-profit organization clients as well as internal investigations related to securities regulation, financial statement representations, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, anti-bribery and corruption and internal controls assessment. Rina has also conducted project management operations for internal policy and process improvement implementation at one of the largest U.S. banks regarding mortgage lending regulatory compliance. Rina is a native speaker of Korean and proficient in Spanish and has performed document reviews and analyses in English, Korean and Spanish.

While in law school, she was the editor-in-chief of The George Washington International Law Review and president of The George Washington Graduate Korean Students Association. She also served as a law clerk at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Enforcement, and the U.S. Department of Justice in the Criminal Division, Fraud Section.

Rina currently serves as chief operating officer of the Korean American Bar Association of Greater Washington, D.C. and was the host committee coordinator and bilingual mistress of ceremony of the 2016 Annual Conference of International Association of Korean Lawyers.

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